About Us

The Deck Contractors is a specialized deck building company with licensed contractors trained to build the best decks in the region. We handle the entire deck building process from planning to purchasing materials, all the way up to a complete deck installation. Throughout doing all of this we aim to deliver the best results, have zero errors, and maintain the lowest prices on the market.

To add to the value that our deck installation company brings, we are always investing to innovate the deck building process. Because of this we are always coming up with top of the line ideas and products for our customers so we can create unique decks for them that our competition cannot deliver. For example, we have deck railings and posts which are hollowed out so that each post can have lighting for your deck. Only The Deck Contractors can offer innovative ideas such as this to help achieve our customer’s goals.

Another thing you may want to consider is that we own all of our equipment. Often when you deal with large retail stores to handle your deck building you will find their deck builders will be delayed on the product because of their use of rental equipment to save costs. We have heard many times how these other retailers promised to be done in four days but take weeks instead, and in extreme cases their deck builders never even returning to finish the project! We can guarantee rental equipment not being available will never be an issue for us at The Deck Contractors.

Additionally, all of our work is done by licensed contractors and we are fully insured. This helps to guarantee that the work done for our customers will not end up being more costly than we agreed initially. If any of the materials we are working with fail or any of our contractors are injured, our insurance covers it so that you are free of any hesitation or hassle.

Furthermore we have a low price guarantee. In any circumstances where you are able to find a building quote that bests ours we will match and then beat the price quoted to you. In the deck building industry a low price guarantee such as ours is simply unheard of. However, this is just another reason why The Deck Contractors is the best to serve you.

When you put together the resume we have developed here at The Deck Contractors, you will see that no other deck installation company is able to offer as high of a quality service as we do. What makes us even better is that we are low cost and without hassle, making sure there are not unexpected delays and no unexpected costs associated with your project. Whenever you want a quality deck and no painful customer service experiences you can call 888-408-0230 to get in touch with us at The Deck Contractors, the premier deck building company located in your area.